Benefits of Quinoa Over Rice

Having difficulty finding rice on the supermarket shelves at the moment? Here are some handy tips on how to substitute Quinoa for rice – you won’t even notice its missing! 

Rice has been a staple in dishes for as long as we can remember – however it has little nutritional value when compared to other grains such as Quinoa! If you cant find rice then quinoa is a great substitute and is perfect for adding extra fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals into your meals. Plus it has a low GI index so it is a great option for people with blood sugar issues! 

There are different colours of quinoa – each type has a slightly different flavour and texture. White quinoa has a lighter taste and fluffs up when cooked, where as black quinoa has a more earthy flavour and tastes slightly sweeter. 

We have two Quinoa products a White and a Tri-Colour – available in both 1.25kg and 500g. 

Below are some handy recipe ideas that are easy to try at home, where rice has been substituted for Quinoa. 


This 30 minute Quinoa recipe would make the perfect weeknight meal – or one to make ahead of time and enjoy as leftovers. For a little more crunch you can add some cashews.

Find the recipe here: 


Serve this healthy Coconut Curry Quinoa as your next Indian meal! It’s quick, easy, flavorful, uses just 5 ingredients and makes the perfect dish!

Find the recipe here:


So that’s what this is – a boring old bowl of quinoa with a fun twist, chockfull of mushrooms, garlic and thyme. It’s so simple and comes together so easily!

Find the recipe here: